Saturday, 23 May 2020

Nearly ready to open for the 2020 season !

During these uncertain times we have not been resting on our laurels or our nicely refurbished wooden benches and chairs... 

By popular demand and following customer feed back we have now at last got WiFi up here at Poachers Hideaway. Being a very rural area this has not been an easy task to achieve. We sought the advice of lots of experts on the subject and finally installed a mobile WiFi system that is on par with fast broadband, these are the average speeds we are achieving -

Lots of activity in our 150 acres of outstanding beauty has been going on over the last few weeks, including removing a fence which interrupted the view from the cottages. Roy and Henrie were on hand to give a hand with the demolition.

Leah has cleaned the signs for that all important first impression.

She also saluted Sir Colonel Tom Moore in her Cadet Uniform with our wonderful view as a backdrop, all the Horncastle Air cadets did this in their own lockdown area as a big thank you to the centenarians achievement of raising over 30 million for the NHS

The cattle are happy wandering around from field to field grazing the lush grass, we could do with some rain though, but the weather really is very nice at the moment.

As we do every year, we had an excellent crop of Bluebells in the wood, named Bluebell wood of course... which make a wonderful splash of colour carpeting the wood.

Lots of sympathetic forestry work will be taking place soon in our wood to tackle ash dieback which is a serious disease in the UK killing lots of ash trees. We will report on this work as it is undertaken watch this space...

Also watch this space, we have a big surprise coming next week! something our guests will certainly enjoy- guess what it is?

See you all very soon! bookings taken from 1st of July, or hopefully sometime in June 😀

Monday, 6 January 2020

Into the Twenties!

To start off the new year we are excited to share a fantastic new asset to our area...
Three miles away from Poachers Hideaway is The Wolds Wildlife Park!

And as it says on their leaflet, its a perfect family day out.

We had a trip there over the Christmas period, Leah, Poachers Hideaway resident and wildlife photographer had a great time photographing the many animals there. Some are exotic some domestic but all are characters!

Leah clicking away on a lovely December day

Bengal Tiger

Cheeky monkey! actually its a Ring tailed Lemur

He was cheeky and a monkey!

One of four African Lions

All the animals are exceptionally cared for with lots of space to roam around in.

Great Characters

From bears to emus they are starting to have it all at Wolds Wildlife Park, we were most impressed . We are told all the animals are rescued or overspills from other zoos which is wonderful.

Located just outside Horncastle the park offers one to one experiences where you can get up close and personal with you favourite animals.

Opening times are 10am to 5pm, but look at their website to see what dates they are open...

Back home here at Poachers Hideaway our new four legged residents are loving the winter grazing, we have a wonderful collection of different breed cattle such as Lincoln Reds, also we have sheep and some horses, oh and a few dogs and cats! we love animals up here...

Winter lets!

Come and stay at Poachers Hideaway for an extended stay... we have a number of small cottages at very reasonable prices, give Angela a call on 07342 089390 or Damian on 07496 637619 view at-

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Happy Anniversary!

A huge flock of guests turned up this month on our one year anniversary of the rebirth of Poachers Hideaway! Its lovely to see our woolly friends grazing the hills of grassland, especially in the November sunshine.

Look what else we have... some cattle! They are loving their new home on top of the wolds, a large comfy barn and acres of grass to chew what more could they want!

It a growing herd too! here is the new calf born the other day, lots more on the way...

He is an inquisitive little fellow and loves to come and say hello to passesby.

The cattle especially like the purpose built scratch bars! Well the barriers...

We will be following the cattle throughout the next few months, especially when the new babies arrive.

We enjoyed a shoot up here earlier in the month, all had a wonderful time wandering around the hills of Poachers Hideaway followed by a slap up meal in the big farmhouse expertly catered by Angela and Sharon.

We had our first frost of the season the day after the shoot, a lovely crisp morning under foot.

Nice and warm in the farmhouse though, where we hosted another shoot for the The South Ormsby Estate team- A photography shoot...

The team hired the kitchen to prepare, cook and titivate their Massingberd-Mundy meat products for photography.

Lots of preparations and props needed for the shoot and plenty of guidance offered from the team.

Chris the chef expertly cooked sausage casserole, along with hot dogs, roast beef joint, and lots of steaks all Massingberd-Mundy Lincoln Red Beef.

Ian our handyman even popped in to sample the hot dogs, he came back for more so they must be good! apparently his lovely wife Sharon had prepared a wonderful meal for him when he got home from a hard days work and he struggled to eat it for some reason...

Annie and Daniel, South Ormsby Estate staff were on hand to "dress" the products for photographs a great job was done by all!

To purchase Massingberd-Mundy Lincoln Red beef Steaks, Joints and sausages go to their website-

We can highly recommend them!

Its Christmas market time again! Horncastle on Sunday 8th December

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Happy Halloween

October was a relatively quiet month up here at Poachers Hideaway, we have however had quiet a few autumnal guests coming for fantastic walking in the Lincolnshire Wolds, and seeing what the area has to offer...

Flint (Pup) has been doing a quacking job of looking after the ducks we have staying up here at the moment, he is fascinated by them at feeding time. He just stands there looking at them occasionally licking his lips for some reason!

It's certainly the season for game, pheasants everywhere! Rather ironic them being guests of ours, good job they can't read I suppose.

Other birds flying about include many buzzards and a few Red Kites which are wonderful to watch in flight. There are lots all along the Bluestone Heath road.

"The Bluestone Heath Road runs along the ridge from Candlesby to Caistor.
From the Road are some great views across to the sea in the east and into the rolling countryside to the West.
It was used by the Ancient Britons long before the Romans came. In places the Romans followed the Bluestone Heath Road e.g.. 'Ulceby Long Lane' but in others the Romans cut through valleys e.g.. at Tetford while the old Celtic road followed the ridge."
This road is very near us here at Poachers Hideaway...

Lots of pumpkins to choose from at Uncle Henrys!
A wonderful Farm shop restaurant and rural activity place just of the A15 between Lincoln and Scunthorpe-

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Happy Lincolnshire Day!

Its Lincolnshire Day today, and its raining! So here is a rainbow to brighten up the day.

September proved an eventful month, we had the lincs BOx Event cycle through on the 15th...

A unique event that is something for everybody who enjoys getting their exercise in beautiful countryside. Walking, running and biking options. Different distances to suit all ages and levels of fitness.  Over 350 people came along and enjoyed the views, tracks and trails and the excellent food and conviviality.
All the courses were focused on the picturesque hills and valleys around Belchford and Oxcombe, in the Lincolnshire Wolds.
We use public roads and footpaths/bridle paths as little as possible, using instead areas that are normally off-limits to the general public. Private farm tracks and paths, created especially for the event and clearly way marked, will take participants into glorious areas. Running the event in September gives us the best ground conditions and access to stubble fields, maximising the areas available for our routes.
The event is run by Lincolnshire Rural Challenge,  a not-for-profit company all proceeds will be used to support projects for young people in the Lincolnshire Wolds.
There are pictures and chat about the event on the facebook page so have a look and, if you didn’t come this year, put it in your calendar when we announce the date for next year.

Up over the hill from Scamblesby they come.

The Shires offered a friendly welcome.

The white stallion was most intrigued

Up and over and taking in the wonderful Lincolnshire Wold view we are famous for.

Wizzing by our cottages

The boys from the Brown Cow cycling club in Louth not leaving one of their team behind as he fixes his puncture!

Showing some love

Another event attended by our team in September was the Wolds tourism meeting hosted at South Ormsby Estate, just up the road from us. We met lots of other accommodation providers and the like and discussed promotion of our wonderful wolds area of natural beauty...
Tanya at the Old Rectory B&B gave us a tour and a cuppa.

Much discussion at The Old Rectory...