Wednesday, 30 January 2019

From Baltimore to Belchford


While washing the car on Monday there was a familiar sound getting nearer and nearer so I grabbed the camera, this Chinook was fast approaching. I have often heard them above near Poachers Hideaway but this one flew right above.


After doing some research apparently this particular chopper was the last of the current batch of Chinooks being delivered to the RAF back in 2014, and was handed over in a ceremony in Baltimore Maryland USA, on the 35th anniversary of the 1st Chinook being delivered. This delivery brings the RAF's compliment of Chinooks up to 60.
Here is an interesting RAF link about these amazing aircraft.

Having been in one and extensively photographed them in the Amazon Jungle I have a soft spot for these extremely capable and highly versatile aircraft.

Trumps old Chopper

The Chinook above was once owned by President Donald Trump, he kitted it out with a drinks bar and flew "VIPs" from JFK Airport to his casino in Atlantic city.

Columbia Helicopters bought it, as it was costing the Donald to much to run! and it spent the rest of its life heavy lifting for oil companies, mostly in South America. Sadly it crashed and burned in the Peruvian Jungle a few months after I took this photo...

Some flyaway

Others prefer to walk!

Friday the 1st of February marks the end of the shooting season, Poachers Hideaway has ironically been somewhat of a haven for many game birds this year! You can't get down our drive without seeing pheasants and partridges, both English and French.

Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis)
Last weekend was the RSPB big bird watch, the above was one of the more colourful visitors that was put on the list...
Here is the list of birds we saw in an hour around Poachers Hideaway-

1 Robin / Erithacus rubecula
2 Goldfinch / Carduelis carduelis
3 Great Tit / Parus major
4 Blue Tit / Cyanistes caeruleus
5 Pheasant / Phasianus colchicus
6 Red-legged Partridge / Alectoris rufa
7 Fieldfare / Turdus pilaris
8 Carrion Crow / Corvus corone
9 Common Seagull / Larus canus
10 Mallard / Anas platyrhynchos
11 Moorhen / Gallinula chloropus
12 Wren / Troglodytes troglodytes
13 Chaffinch / Fringilla coelebs
14 Rook / Corvus frugilegus
15 Blackbird / Turdus merula
16 House Sparrow / Passer domesticus
17 Dunnock / Prunella modularis
18 Kestrel / Falco tinnunculus

We had a big freeze a few days ago and a threat of heavy snow, but nothing too serious, yet... It was Mid February last year that we were snowed in for a few days.

A frosty Bluebell wood 

The ponds didn't quite freeze over but close!

Alan from Heating and Plumbing solutions.

We had to call on the services of expert plumber Alan, from Heating and Plumbing Solutions today to fix a leak in the emersion heater in Juice Trump! All back and running perfectly now and awaiting our next guests...

If you have a problem, give him a call! 07863 100143