Monday, 6 January 2020

Into the Twenties!

To start off the new year we are excited to share a fantastic new asset to our area...
Three miles away from Poachers Hideaway is The Wolds Wildlife Park!

And as it says on their leaflet, its a perfect family day out.

We had a trip there over the Christmas period, Leah, Poachers Hideaway resident and wildlife photographer had a great time photographing the many animals there. Some are exotic some domestic but all are characters!

Leah clicking away on a lovely December day

Bengal Tiger

Cheeky monkey! actually its a Ring tailed Lemur

He was cheeky and a monkey!

One of four African Lions

All the animals are exceptionally cared for with lots of space to roam around in.

Great Characters

From bears to emus they are starting to have it all at Wolds Wildlife Park, we were most impressed . We are told all the animals are rescued or overspills from other zoos which is wonderful.

Located just outside Horncastle the park offers one to one experiences where you can get up close and personal with you favourite animals.

Opening times are 10am to 5pm, but look at their website to see what dates they are open...

Back home here at Poachers Hideaway our new four legged residents are loving the winter grazing, we have a wonderful collection of different breed cattle such as Lincoln Reds, also we have sheep and some horses, oh and a few dogs and cats! we love animals up here...

Winter lets!

Come and stay at Poachers Hideaway for an extended stay... we have a number of small cottages at very reasonable prices, give Angela a call on 07342 089390 or Damian on 07496 637619 view at-