Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Nomads to Snowdrops

Braving the blizzard
Its been a cold week up here at Poachers Hideaway! We got some snow, but luckily not much... yet! Our Pheasants who have sought refuge here were out in force last Friday to mark the end of the shooting season, I watched them stumbling through the short lived blizzard like Nomads in a sand storm.

One of the resident barn owls has also been silently flying around the hills looking for prey.

The owl knew I was snapping away and kept looking my way to see how close I was getting... he kept his distance!

Well aware of me!

The ponds fully froze over a few days ago.

A wonderfully crisp morning.

We have another offer on here at Poachers Hideaway! book for six nights and stay for a week, yes the seventh night is free! Please email us at to secure your booking.

All this cold weather is making us think of spring, not long now! well ok maybe a couple of months...

In April I will be running beginners photographic courses making full use of our beautiful surroundings and nature, oh and lunch at the Bluebell, watch this space for more details or feel free to contact me on and I can put you on the mailing list for this and other courses/events happening here at Poachers Hideaway.

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This weekend there is a unique experience taking place at South Ormsby Estate, a country estate near us... A snowdrop walk with the owner of the estate, this is an exclusive event for Friends of South Ormsby Estate, a chance to see beautiful privately owned grounds. You can become a friend  by visiting their website or call Leanne on 01507 311446

Snowdrops (Galanthus)