Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Poachers at Poachers

Ready to be ridden...
This, very wet, Saturday bought the Poachers Pre 65 Classic Trials Club to Poachers Hideaway... where it all started over thirty years ago!

"In 1988 six members of the Lincoln Section of the AJS Matchless Owners Club with a passion for all things British and a keen interest in Classic Trials Bikes from the 50's and 60's staged it's first observed trial on the hillside above the Wolds villages of Scamblesby, enjoyment and friendly competition were the order of the day with some of the sections being 16ft wide! and not quite as technical as todays hazards. 

Over the next couple of years the clubs popularity grew, with an increase in rider numbers the club hosted six trials per year."

The "Sign up" van under cover in the big barn.
Despite the weather it was a very good turnout, the tractor had to come out and tow a couple of the competitors support vehicles out of the usual grass carpark because of the soft wet ground! But
a new parking area was found on hard standing and pretty soon the familiar sound of vintage motorcycles revving up filled the complex...


On the off!

To the course.

A number of courses were set out in various areas of Poachers Hideaway and all the off roaders were eager to get started despite the rain, a great social feel to the whole event!

Studying the course.

A Great day had by all.