Saturday, 23 May 2020

Nearly ready to open for the 2020 season !

During these uncertain times we have not been resting on our laurels or our nicely refurbished wooden benches and chairs... 

By popular demand and following customer feed back we have now at last got WiFi up here at Poachers Hideaway. Being a very rural area this has not been an easy task to achieve. We sought the advice of lots of experts on the subject and finally installed a mobile WiFi system that is on par with fast broadband, these are the average speeds we are achieving -

Lots of activity in our 150 acres of outstanding beauty has been going on over the last few weeks, including removing a fence which interrupted the view from the cottages. Roy and Henrie were on hand to give a hand with the demolition.

Leah has cleaned the signs for that all important first impression.

She also saluted Sir Colonel Tom Moore in her Cadet Uniform with our wonderful view as a backdrop, all the Horncastle Air cadets did this in their own lockdown area as a big thank you to the centenarians achievement of raising over 30 million for the NHS

The cattle are happy wandering around from field to field grazing the lush grass, we could do with some rain though, but the weather really is very nice at the moment.

As we do every year, we had an excellent crop of Bluebells in the wood, named Bluebell wood of course... which make a wonderful splash of colour carpeting the wood.

Lots of sympathetic forestry work will be taking place soon in our wood to tackle ash dieback which is a serious disease in the UK killing lots of ash trees. We will report on this work as it is undertaken watch this space...

Also watch this space, we have a big surprise coming next week! something our guests will certainly enjoy- guess what it is?

See you all very soon! bookings taken from 1st of July, or hopefully sometime in June 😀