Sunday, 1 December 2019

Happy Anniversary!

A huge flock of guests turned up this month on our one year anniversary of the rebirth of Poachers Hideaway! Its lovely to see our woolly friends grazing the hills of grassland, especially in the November sunshine.

Look what else we have... some cattle! They are loving their new home on top of the wolds, a large comfy barn and acres of grass to chew what more could they want!

It a growing herd too! here is the new calf born the other day, lots more on the way...

He is an inquisitive little fellow and loves to come and say hello to passesby.

The cattle especially like the purpose built scratch bars! Well the barriers...

We will be following the cattle throughout the next few months, especially when the new babies arrive.

We enjoyed a shoot up here earlier in the month, all had a wonderful time wandering around the hills of Poachers Hideaway followed by a slap up meal in the big farmhouse expertly catered by Angela and Sharon.

We had our first frost of the season the day after the shoot, a lovely crisp morning under foot.

Nice and warm in the farmhouse though, where we hosted another shoot for the The South Ormsby Estate team- A photography shoot...

The team hired the kitchen to prepare, cook and titivate their Massingberd-Mundy meat products for photography.

Lots of preparations and props needed for the shoot and plenty of guidance offered from the team.

Chris the chef expertly cooked sausage casserole, along with hot dogs, roast beef joint, and lots of steaks all Massingberd-Mundy Lincoln Red Beef.

Ian our handyman even popped in to sample the hot dogs, he came back for more so they must be good! apparently his lovely wife Sharon had prepared a wonderful meal for him when he got home from a hard days work and he struggled to eat it for some reason...

Annie and Daniel, South Ormsby Estate staff were on hand to "dress" the products for photographs a great job was done by all!

To purchase Massingberd-Mundy Lincoln Red beef Steaks, Joints and sausages go to their website-

We can highly recommend them!

Its Christmas market time again! Horncastle on Sunday 8th December

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